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Pc Game Review

Demolition Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £24.99
5 060020 474149
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 28 May 2010

Demolish various buildings using the most appropriate demolition technology and then clear the rubble away. Use powerful demolition machines and destructive wrecking balls to bring those structures down. Carefully place explosives in the correct position and set the appropriate timing for the perfect collapse of residential blocks or power plants...

Demolition Simulator is a little different from the other simulators that Excalibur Publishing usually release. This time instead of having to carefully drive around delivering cargo (UK Truck Simulator); gently lifting and moving heavy objects (Crane Simulator) spending hours carefully planting, growing and harvesting crops on your farm (Farming Simulator); or gently lifting cars that are parked illegally (Tow Truck Simulator); Demolition Simulator takes you away from being careful and instead actively encourages you to go wild smashing things up.

Sure there's planning needed to ensure the buildings fall correctly and don't fall on you, but there's plenty of satisfaction to be had from smashing the buildings to pieces, or blowing them up.

This game features four detailed levels and 12 challenging missions with varied tasks to complete using demolition machinery, wrecking ball, blasting and a range of other interesting hardware. Once you've finished knocking everything down, you can use construction vehicles, such as bulldozers and loaders, to transport the rubble away from the site.

And once you get bored of the challenges included, you can use the editor in order to design your own buildings and then demolish them.

Yes the physics of the buildings as they collapse are not overly realistic; yes the graphics are a little simplistic on the whole; but what makes this such an interesting game is that it is a great stress reliever.


Nick Smithson

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