The Alien & Predator Figurine Collection

CoverFans of the Aliens and Predator movies, who also have a fondness for scale models will be in heaven with the latest promotion from Eaglemoss. The Alien & Predator Figurine Collection acts as a subscription service where you pay £9.99 to start your collection, whereby you receive the Alien Xenomorph model. Then every month you pay £21.97 (£17.99 + £3.99 P&P) to receive another two figures... [click here...]


Venturer Bravo SE 10: 2-in-1 Mini Laptop review

CoverSleek and lightweight, The Venturer 2-in-1 notebook boasts a battery life of 8 hours and an Intel Atom Core 4 processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB of memory. The Venturer laptop also has all the necessary outputs including headphone, micro and regular USB ports, HDMI output allowing you to easily connect to your TV and an SD card slot for expandable memory. The Bravo SE 10K has a 10.1” 1280 x 800 display and comes with all the key software from Office Mobile you require, including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile and OneNote... [click here...]


Doug Chiang - Rogue One - Interview

CoverDoug Chiang is the Oscar winning production designer behind classics such as The Mask, Death Becomes Her and Terminator 2 but who is best known for his work on Star Wars as concept and production designer; heading up the teams that make imaginary worlds a reality. First on Episodes I and II and more recently on The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Lizzie Biscuits talked to him a little about how these two most recent additions to the Star Wars Universe so successfully captured the feel of the Original Trilogy... [click here...]


The Black Angels: Death Song - Music review

CoverDeath Song is The Black Angel’s fifth full-length album, but the first in four years. It is released 21 April on Partisan Records. The Black Angels are currently on tour in support of the title, including a handful of dates in the UK, and hit the London Forum on 22 September... [click here...]


Fidget Fingers - Gadget review

CoverIf you know someone who likes to keep their hands busy then this Fidget Fingers cube would be the ideal gift for them! A perfect token gift for any occasion. The Fidget Fingers cube is the ultimate finger gadget that will give you something to do with your fingers if you are feeling stressed, strained, nervous or simply bored. You can glide, roll, click, rub, spin and flip the different parts of the cube in any order that you want, whenever you want. It is small enough to be put into your pocket or handbag for when you are out and about or why not keep it by the sofa at home to use when you're relaxing... [click here...]


John Wick: Chapter 2 - Movie review

CoverJohn Wick (2014) was not a film that appeared to need a sequel. In fact you'd be forgiven for thinking that a sequel would tarnish the original. Although it may not have been needed, it certainly is glorious. It expands on the excellent world building of the first installment without falling into the trap of over exposure or needless exposition... [click here...]


Alice Jemima: Alice Jemima - Music review

CoverFollowing hot on the heels of her Liquorice EP, as well as track 'Dodged A Bullet', English singer Alice Jemima releases her debut, self titled, LP. As soft crooning goes, they don't come much softer than Jemima. At times she almost whispers her vocals ('Liquorice', for example). The result is an intriguing, beautiful sound that is hard not to get sucked in by... [click here...]


The Founder - Soundtrack review

CoverVarèse Sarabande release the soundtrack for the original motion picture The Founder. The film features original music composed by Carter Burwell, with classic tracks by artists including Doris Day, The Ramblers, Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats, The Dixieaires, and a special performance of the beloved classic 'Pennies From Heaven' by stars Michael Keaton and Linda Cardellini. The film tells the story of Ray Kroc and his popularisation of McDonald’s... [click here...]


Courtney Marie Andrews: Honest Life - review

CoverRising American singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews releases her new album Honest Life in Europe on Loose Music. She is perhaps currently best known for being Damien Jurado’s lead guitarist... [click here...]



James McArthur: Burnt Moth - Music review

CoverWelsh-born folk singer/songwriter James McArthur releases his second album, Burnt Moth, through Moorland Records. An interesting and timeless LP, McArthur's vocals take us on a journey through the various folk scenes of the past, while offering a contemporary feel to the recordings. You'll find it hard not to get caught up in the hazy, lazy feel of 'Glitch Kids' or the hypnotic closer 'Burnt Moth'... [click here...]