Shotgun Rodeo: World Wide Genocide - Music

CoverShotgun Rodeo is a Metal quartet from Trondheim in Norway, consisting of Nino Escopeta on vocals, Don Shrediablo on guitars, Dorian Crazed on bass, and Vegzilla on drums. World Wide Genocide is their debut album... [click here...]



Eels: Complete DreamWorks Albums - review

Cover Universal Music release Eels: The Complete DreamWorks Albums, 8 disc vinyl box set, which includes the band's first five studio albums - Beautiful Freak ('96), Electro-Shock Blues ('98), Daisies of the Galaxy (2000), Souljacker ('01) and Shootenanny! ('03) - plus the Electro-Shock Blues Show double live album (available here exclusively for the first time on vinyl)... [click here...]


Room Full of Strangers: Bad Vacation - Music

Cover Room Full of Strangers is a punk rock group consisting of Erik Bundy (Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals), Mick Mcluan (vocals), Austin Wulff (Drums, Backing Vocals), and Nik Sedilla (Guitar, Backing Vocals). The band release their new album, Bad Vacation, on Godless America Records/True Trash – prior to embarking on a European tour... [click here...]


Third Eye Blind: Dopamine - Music review

Cover Third Eye Blind is a rock band from San Francisco, USA, formed in 1993 by singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist Stephan Jenkins and lead guitarist Kevin Cadogan. Dopamine is their seventh album, and their first in six years. Cadogan is no longer in the group, and Jenkins has striven to construct songs chronicling the turbulent recent history of events by way of an exploration of isolation and personal identity... [click here...]


Bellowhead: Pandemonium - Music review

Cover To coincide with their recently announced farewell tours, and due to popular demand, Bellowhead will be releasing an album of some of the best loved tracks from the band’s five studio albums: Pandemonium - The Essential Bellowhead includes 13 carefully selected tracks by the 11 band members, designed to represent some of the high points of their 11 year career. Crowd favourite ‘New York Girls’... [click here...]


A Chorus Line: 40th Anniversary - Music review

Cover Masterworks Broadway releases A Chorus Line: 40th Anniversary Celebration, a definitive, newly remastered edition of the best-selling 1975 Original Broadway Cast Recording. The reissue features eight bonus tracks that – for the first time – allow the listener to eavesdrop on the creative process of composer Marvin Hamlisch and lyricist Edward Kleban, including songs that did not make it into the final version of their acclaimed score... [click here...]


Ninja Gnome - Gadget review

Cover Throughout the centuries, Ninjas have defeated warriors and warlords; now a new battle is about to commence. Its location, your garden. This Ninja Garden Gnome is here to protect your shrubs. Integrated with a solar panel battery that charges during the day which allows the Ninja’s eyes to automatically illuminate when it’s dark. Handmade and weather-resistant; his mighty sword and frightful stare makes this gnome one not to be messed with... [click here...]


Spooks: The Greater Good - DVD review

Cover When a terrorist transfer goes wrong, leading to the release of Adem Qasim, Harry Pearce suspects that the operation originated in his own department, but who to trust and who to suspect? Finding no way of discovering the truth, he fakes his own death and goes on the run in order to draw out the traitor. Not convinced by Harry’s suicide, MI5 turn to Will Holloway, a protégé of Harry’s until he decommissioned him citing poor performance. However MI5 are aware that the connection between the men stretches all the way back to Will's father, who worked with Harry until he was killed in Berlin... [click here...]


Rebecca (1997 TV Movie) - Soundtrack review

Cover Caldera Records release Christopher Gunning's original score for the 1997 television movie Rebecca. The film is directed by Jim O'Brien and stars Emilia Fox, Charles Dance, Faye Dunaway and Diana Rigg. It's based on the novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier which had already been made into a successful movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. It tells the tragic love story between a rich gentleman and his second wife who not only has to cope with an obsessive and evil housekeeper but also with the shadow of the first wife who obviously died under strange circumstances... [click here...]


Big Game - DVD review

Cover On the eve of Oskari’s birthday he has to undergo the same ritual that his people have undertaken for countless generations. To prove his worth as both a man and a hunter he has to travel alone into the wilderness of Finland to hunt, his prize will prove his courage. At the same time the President of the United States is travelling, on Airforce One, to attend a conference when his plane is attacked and the President is ejected in an escape pod into the same wilderness. Discovered by Oskari, the two have to survive both the wilderness and the hunters trying to kill the President... [click here...]