15 July

Junius Paul: Ism - Music review
Sondra Sun-Odeon: Desyre - Music review

14 July

The Crown: Season Three - Soundtrack review
BlackLab: Abyss - Music review

13 July

The Painter and the Thief - Soundtrack review
A Never-Ending Line: A Female Song Cycle - Music review

12 July

Spell - Soundtrack review

11 July

Visible: Out on Television - Soundtrack review
Dog in the Snow: Vanishing Lands - Music review

10 July

Pure Reason Revolution: Eupnea - Music review
Wranglestone - Book review
People Suck - Book review
Right Hand Left Hand: Zone Rouge - Music review

09 July

Three Kings (Hardback) - Book review
Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) - Blu-ray review
The Last of Us: Part II - Game Soundtrack review

08 July

Zac: Zac - Music review
Soundwalk Collective: Mummer Love - Music review

07 July

High Waisted: Sick of Saying Sorry - Music review

06 July

Blood of an Exile - Book review
The Good Liar - Soundtrack review

05 July

The Specialists (1969) - Blu-ray review
Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot - DVD review
The Unfit: The Unfit - Music review

04 July

Shanghai Restoration Project: Flashbacks in a Crystal Ball - Music review
Mr Raoul K: African Paradigm - Music review

03 July

The Green Man (1956) (2020 Restoration) - Blu-ray review
Apparition - Soundtrack review
Pattern-Seeking Animals: Prehensile Tales - Music review
Death Stranding - Game Soundtrack review

02 July

M. T. Hadley: Empty - Music review
Paradise War: The Story of Bruno Manser - Soundtrack review
Martian Blood - Book review

01 July

Thee MVPs: Science Fiction - Music review

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